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London, England, May 21, 2018 – Global confectionery manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle has extended its partnership with global licensing agency, Beanstalk to continue to build on the success of the Chupa Chups licensing programme to extend into new food categories and territories. Beanstalk has represented Chupa Chups since 2014 exclusively for food extensions in Europe, and since 2017 has also represented the brand for non-food licensing in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. During this partnership, Beanstalk has secured licensees for Chupa Chups in frozen novelty, celebration cakes, and most recently, in doughnuts and chocolate refreshing sticks (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The next phase of growth will focus on desserts, beverages and on-menu (food service) and will include Chupa Chups’ first entrance into food licensing in Russia, a key market for Chupa Chups’ core business. 

The extension of the partnership between Perfetti Van Melle and Beanstalk speaks to the success of the existing licensing programme and the consumer demand for Chupa Chups in new and innovative formats. The new categories and territories will give future and existing Chupa Chups enthusiasts the ability to further enjoy their favourite Chupa Chups flavours.

Lisa Reiner, Managing Director of Beanstalk for Europe and Asia Pacific commented, “Beanstalk is thrilled to be expanding its relationship with Chupa Chups, for new food categories as well as entering Russia. We have already had considerable success in leveraging Chupa Chups’ iconic charm and unique flavour profile in the frozen and ambient aisles and we look forward to further extending the programme to give consumers new ways to experience and enjoy their favourite sweet.”

Marta Ballesteros, Licensing Area Manager at Perfetti Van Melle said, “We are delighted to further cement our long-term relationship with Beanstalk in Europe and Russia. With Beanstalk’s assistance, we have already successfully launched several new food categories in Europe. We feel that there are many additional opportunities in the market today to transfer the essence of the Chupa Chups flavours and colours to bring credibility and innovation to other food and beverage categories. We are excited to take the food programme to the Russian Market, which has traditionally been one of the main markets for the brand.”

About Chupa Chups®

Chupa Chups®, the iconic lollipop brand, was launched in Spain back in 1958. It has very much become a part of popular culture and a generic name for round lollipops in many countries. The famous flower logo of the lollipop, was designed by the artist Salvador Dalí himself in the late 1960s. Today, Chupa Chups® is the most popular and consumed lollipop in the world; one out of four lollipops sold worldwide is a Chupa Chups®. Every year billions of these high-quality lollipops, with a huge variety of flavours in eye catching colourful wrappers, are enjoyed by people of all ages in 150 countries. Chupa Chups® is a truly global brand.

Over the years, the magic and brand values of Chupa Chups® have expanded into new products on the wish list of its fans. Chupa Chups® has developed a lifestyle licensing programme which is rapidly expanding into its key markets. The iconic lollipop brand always finds new ways to transfer the essence of its flavours and colours to an ever-expanding universe of trendy products. With its sweet appeal, Chupa Chups® offers endless possibilities to create unique retail experiences. Chupa Chups® is the perfect treat for your senses to make life less serious!

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About Perfetti Van Melle

Perfetti Van Melle, one of the largest confectionary groups in the world, is a privately owned company producing and distributing candies and chewing gum in more than 150 countries worldwide. Several of its brands such as Mentos®, Airheads®, Chupa Chups®, Frisk®, Fruittella®, Alpenliebe®, Golia®, Happydent®, Vivident®, Big Babol® and Smint®, are much-loved throughout the five continents. In addition to these global brands, Perfetti Van Melle offers a wide range of products, the popularity of which is rooted in individual, local and regional markets. The ability to develop products, versions and flavours that suit the different demands and opportunities of local markets is indeed one of the group’s keys to success.

Moreover, the global confectionery player Perfetti Van Melle Group develops successful licensing programmes both for lifestyle and food and beverage extensions with its popular brands Chupa Chups® and Airheads® and fresh lifestyle licensing programmes with its other confectionery classics Mentos®, Frisk®, Smint® and Brooklyn®.

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About Beanstalk 

Beanstalk, a global brand extension agency, works closely with our clients to unlock brand equity and create many of the world’s most recognizable products and services.  We help leading brands, celebrities, media properties, manufacturers and retailers creatively find ways to strengthen their relationship with their most important stakeholder – the consumer.

Beanstalk offers a breadth of services including brand representation, manufacturer representation, icon representation, retailer partnerships, STUDIO B creative services, approvals management, legal and financial services, and royalty auditing.  Blueprint – Powered by Beanstalk, our consulting division, advises clients through four key practice areas: brand extension + retail development, research + insights, design + identity, and operations + governance. Tinderbox, our digital division, works with gaming and new media properties to realize their potential in the world of consumer products.

The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Miami and Cincinnati and affiliates throughout the world.  For more information, please visit Beanstalk is a part of the DAS Group of Companies.

About The DAS Group of Companies

The DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) (, is a global group of marketing services companies. DAS includes over 200 companies in the following marketing disciplines: specialty, PR, healthcare, CRM, events, promotional marketing, branding and research. Operating through a combination of networks and regional organisations, DAS serves international, regional, national and local clients through more than 700 offices in 71 countries.

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