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June 1, 2019

Animal Club International™ is a group of cute and cuddly animals that come in all shapes and sizes, from all parts of the world, ready for adventure and good times! They love to play, laugh, sing, dance, read, and participate in many more fun and educational activities! They also care a lot about the well-being of our planet and always want to do their part to protect our beautiful and wonderful world! Our Animal Club International™ friends are always looking for new places to explore and new friends to meet… animals and humans!

Our wonderful Animal Club International™ brand was inspired and created by P.D. Moreno and LoCoco Licensing. We wanted something that has a global appeal and puts smiles on the faces of our fans of all different ages, races, religions, and genders. We have adapted our cute animals to several themes such as Halloween, Easter, Unicorns, and Tiaras and will be adding more themes each year. In addition, we have plans to develop with the right partners an animation series that will bring our loving animals to life.  Thank you for interest in our Animal Club International™.




For further information: Julie LoCoco, LoCoco Licensing, 680 Drewry Street, NE, Atlanta GA 30306, TEL: 770-481-0720, EMAIL: