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This new consumer product line inspires kids to play, save and love!

Bradenton, FL  (June 20, 2016)  --   Meet Sandy Dollar® and The SeaBabies™! These NEW characters are making their big reveal to the world at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, June 21 -23 (Booth A-108). They have a heartfelt history and a timely future.

Sandy Dollar® and The SeaBabies™ are seven educational characters committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through empowerment-based entertainment. The consumer product line extends this mission with innovative toys and books that inspire kids to discover who they are and what they can do to make the planet better for future generations. Their messages can be seen through TV, print, videos, movies, books, plush toys and SO MUCH MORE. Check out our NEW video here.

HISTORY:  Inspired by her son in 1989, Cathy Arone - a single mom of three, created an educational toy that had an important message to tell. These lively toys from the sea inspired children to do what they can to make the planet better for future generations. In 1996 the SeaBabies visited the White House and participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. SeaBabies were destined for success until the entire inventory of books and toys were destroyed by vandals. Ms. Arone was heartbroken and unable to afford to rebuild. She put everything she could save in a box and put it in storage.

REBIRTH:  In 2015, her son Brien brought the box out of storage. He became a father a few months earlier to a premature son and he vowed to bring this product line to market to finish the vision created by his mom and create a better future for his son. He took the same loveable features of the SeaBabies:  Sea Blue Eyes, Sea Shell Noses, Sea Weed Hair, Adorable Little Webbed Hands and Feet with a Magical Sand Dollar accessories, and reimagined it to today’s technologically advanced, multi-faceted, digital standards.

TODAY:  Fast forward to only two weeks ago when this video went viral (more than 17 million views), showing a distraught young boy, named Henry, telling his mom through his sobs that he wanted to teach the “dumb adults” a lesson who were ruining the environment and hurting baby animals. The SeaBabies don’t want to see Henry cry and will do ALL they can to show how everyone, no matter their age, can make a positive difference in the future of our planet.

The Sea Babies are adorable characters that are captivating and will emotionally connect with children.  Creating this bond is essential.  Sea Babies inspire kids to "Change the World” and clean-up our planet by giving tips and activities that they can do.  

“You’re never too small to dream big,” said Brien Arone, SeaEO. “We’re so excited about how SeaBabies can empower children like Henry to take control of the future and make a positive difference.”

At the EXPO in Las Vegas, Brien Arone and the SeaBabies’ Team will meet with the best in the licensing industry. Through collaboration, it is their hope that the characters will reach children throughout the world with positive messages.

Sandy Dollar® and The SeaBabies™ have partnered with One Percent for the Planet and vow to give 1% of profit to a charity that supports the environment and has selected 5 Gyres to partner with on this important initiative.

“As a participant in 1% for the Planet, the 5 Gyres Institute is appreciative of the support and attention that SeaBabies is bringing to the conversation around ocean plastic pollution,” said Lia Colabello, 5 Gyres' Director of Global Partnerships. “We look forward to amplifying our educational outreach about this rapidly escalating issue through SeaBabies messaging and content.”

For more information please visit, visit our Licensing Video Press Room or please email or call Suzanne Willis, Ambassador of Buzz (PR) for SeaBabies at 239-287-7070.

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